Sumner Evans

We have four main types of events: weekly meetings, hackathons/competitions, onboarding sessions, service events, and social events.

All Events

These events have a lot in common as far as logistics go.

  • Room: (Jackson) every event needs a room. Reserve through (aaiscloud)[] under the events tab -> request events option. From that page you can reserve rooms and schedule events. Almost every room will be registrar controlled. Under department, I’ve been picking CECS.

  • Email Notifications: (Sumner) every meeting needs an email notification. This should go out the day before the event.

  • CS Weekly Notification: (Sumner) every meeting needs to be on the CS Weekly. Email Kelly Knechtel <> to get events on the weekly.

  • Flyers: (Sumner) every meeting needs a flyer.

  • Daily Blast (Robby) see Daily Blast

Weekly Meetings

  • Designated “welcome” officer: (Sumner)

TODO: describe more info specific to these:

  • Weekly Meetings

    • Tech Talks

  • Hackathons/competitions

  • Onboarding sessions

Social Events


Sumner Evans

The goal of social events is to provide a catalyst for social integration into our club.

TODO: flesh out

Service Events


Sumner Evans

  • Sheldon Math and Science Night

  • ICPC

  • Open Source Workshop

  • CCIT Cyber Security Awareness

TODO: flesh out

Daily Blast

For every event, you need to submit the it to the Daily Blast. This is done at I used the following settings:

  • Department/Organization: Mines ACM

  • Category: Campus Events / Meetings

  • Audience: Faculty / Staff and Students

  • Division: Student Life - Student Activities / Organizations

  • Title:

    • For tech talks: <company> - Tech Talk Tuesday - <talk_title> - FREE FOOD!

    • For other events: <event_name> - FREE FOOD! (unless there is no free food, then don’t add that)

  • Brief description:

    • For tech talks: Join Mines ACM as we host <name> from <company> for a presentation about <topic (can be longer description than title)>.

    • For other events: whatever seems logical

  • URL:

  • Check the box to disable the long description, and instead go straight to the URL.

Make sure that the event is included on the Daily Blast on Friday and Monday on the week of the event.


If you have any questions or want to suggest a change to this document, please submit an issue or PR to the GitLab repo.