Meeting Food

  1. Westarp

This is one of the most important responsibilities in Mines ACM. If there is no food, people don’t come. Thus, it is extremely important to make sure that some food shows up at every meeting.

There are two ways to acquire the money for pizza, going through CS Department funds or going through SAIL Allocation. Either way you MUST CALL Domino’s. All purchases with school funds are tax exempt, and there is no way to make tax exempt orders online. You MUST KEEP AN ITEMIZED RECEIPT FOR ALL PURCAHSES.

CS@Mines funds

This is the easy form of getting pizza, contact Carol McEvoy and get her departmental credit card. When ordering specify that it is tax exempt, and read the number printed on the upper right hand side of the card.

SAIL Funds

Oh boy may the lord have mercy on your soul, who knows if SAIL will be the name of this organization in a year.

How Much Pizza

  • Normal Meetings
    • ~12 pizzas worked in 2019

  • Google Event
    • This event is the largest that ACM hosts, it will fill BBW280! So we need a lot of pizza. In 2017 we ordered 33 pizzas, 2018: 35 and 10-12 bottles of soda.


All receipts are to be recorded to this Google Spreadsheet. Make sure this stays private, only accessible by the officers.


If you have any questions or want to suggest a change to this document, please submit an issue or PR to the GitLab repo.