Project Coordination


Sumner Evans

The overall goal of this role is to make sure that ACM projects are functional, long-lasting, and useful. This goal of this role is not to be the manager for all projects, rather, the idea of this role is to ensure that every project has a manager.

Project Requirements

To ensure that these goals are met, each project is required to do the following:

  • All projects must have a project owner at all times. This will help ensure that we have functional projects.

    If someone does not want to own a project any more, they must either hand ownership to someone else, or there is no project. One major advantage of this approach is that it helps give people stake in the club. An added benefit is that it also looks good on resumes: “Project owner of ACM project X”. Most importantly, though, it prevents us from having dead projects, or nebulous projects where nobody knows what’s going on.

  • All projects must be Open Source. Projects may use any OSI approved license. See the full list of OSI approved licenses.

  • About a month into the school year, each project must create a list of goals for the project to complete before C-MAPP.

  • Each project team must also put together a presentation for the C-MAPP Awards event in January. This will help provide a goal that each project can work towards. This is also a great opportunity for people to get experience presenting at events like this.

  • At the end of each school year, each project must create a plan explaining how the project will be continued through the summer and into the next school year.


One important thing to recognize is that ACM projects are not a high priority for most people. Often homework and other commitments get in the way of contribution. That said, we want to enable people who do want to contribute.


These are merely suggestions for how to manage projects. Ultimately, the project’s owner is responsible for defining a process.

  • Each project is encouraged to set up a project work meetup time on a day that is not the normal meeting day. This will allow for greater continuity of development, especially when there is a tech talk that week.

  • Each project is encouraged to do some sort of scrum-like meeting at the beginning of each meeting. The goal of this meeting is to

    • Let everyone give a status update on what they’ve been working on (if anything)

    • Let everyone say what they are going to work on during the meeting.

    • Let everyone bring up issues or questions they are have.

Project Perks

  • If a project wants, they can get C-MAPP sponsorship for the project.

  • Project owners can receive mentoring. This can be from one of the officers or from outside.


If you have any questions or want to suggest a change to this document, please submit an issue or PR to the GitLab repo.